Could you compost paper cups? The key is yes, absolutely no and depends.

I e-mailed a lot of businesses which create paper cups and asked them in case their cups contained a plastic liner, and if so, what type was employed.

With the exception of Chinet and Solo, each of additional businesses returned to me (although Solo and Dart seem to be a part of the very same conglomerate, as well as Dart replied). I could not tell whether the customer care folks have been weirder out by my questions… am I the one individual asking the? Most likely near it, but preferably not the only one.

The research of mine into Solo was certainly the most peculiar. I’d no clue there was a (terrible) song dedicated to red solo cups, moreover then within that song stating that “within fourteen years they’re decomposable”… come on Toby plastic does not decompose, it simply breaks into smaller sized pieces for the fish to consume. Really going further, there is a Facebook fan page wearing more than 45,000 likes… for red solo cups.

Anyway, Solo comes with an “eco forward” product line called Bare. Rejoice. This cup utilizes a whopping twenty % post consumer recycled plastic in its plastic cups. I was wanting their eco line will have possibly cups made from PLA or maybe paper cups with a soybean wax liner, though I suppose you cannot get it all. Stay away from this particular company. Is their competition better?

I am getting ahead of myself. The purpose of mine for carrying out re-search within the very first place was since I did not understand that almost all paper cups have a slim plastic (polyethylene) lining inside of them, that is keeping the glass from falling apart (think coffee). Amazingly, including a good deal of the “cold cups” possess a liner too.

I understand from experience that it is hard to utilize a bioplastic glass with warm liquid in it… the cup falls apart fairly fast. Though I also realize it is feasible to apply a paper cup with a PLA (polylactic acid, a compostable plastic) liner with outcomes that are great. What about a doubly thick paper cup with wax?