You’ve prepared the manuscript of yours and are all ready to e-publish. Now you have to learn how to prepare the book pictures of yours and publish your Kindle book cover on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing program. You will find 2 covers you are going to need: the item Cover as well as the internal eBook Cover. The most effective data format is JPG that is appropriate for publishing both the item along with internal cover image.

NOTE: I’ll be discussing the item display and inner cover only. (not book covers for print)

Formatting Images Inside Your Kindle Book

JPEG (or.jpeg)

NOTE: Images are going to appear in color ONLY on the Kindle Fire device. Other Kindle devices are going to display white and black.

Internal Book Cover

The most effective formats can be used for any inner Kindle e book protection is a GIF or JPG image, 127 KB* size at 300 dpi. This will likely offer sufficient clarity for pictures, especially for big pictures, or even articles with gradient patterns. Though you also do not need the e book file size to become very big.

*Amazon recommends a 127K size for matchbooks. “The biggest component of nearly every Kindle guide is going to be the picture content. Inside your book file, the Kindle book format supports GIF and JPEG pictures up to 127KB in size. Pictures which are in some other formats supported for upload to KDP (such as PNG or BMP), or even that go over the file size requirement, shall be instantly recompressed as JPEG files during the sales process. Optimizing the pictures of yours to install these demands before uploading to KDP can help minimize the color of your respective uploaded file. It’ll also lower the possibility of encountering problems in conversion due to huge file size.” HOWEVER after the audience has purchased the e-book of yours, the Internal eBook protection is a moot issue — they might go and review your e book cover, but many don’t.