With many models in the industry, it becomes hard for the customers to select a smartphone that’s most suitable for them. To arrive at this particular decision of picking a brand, they assess the interaction of theirs requires along with the private preferences of theirs. Ease as well as aesthetics of use will be the 2 most prominent factors which help in making this choice.

Smartphones now-a-days comes in various platforms as Android, Tizen, iOS, Cyanogen, etc. Nevertheless, with a huge amount of valuable features coupled with an open source platform, Android phones are quickly becoming more popular among smartphone users. Though the question remains, exactly why Android and not some other platform? This report is likely to enable you to make this decision.

Explanation one: The Android Open Source Platform: Android is an open source movable platform and that could mean it is totally free also completely customizable. Anybody is able to have a chance to access the source code and make recommendations for improvements. You will find thousands and thousands of apps that could be quickly downloaded to the Android smartphones of yours.

Reason two: Wide Range of Android Phones There’s a great deal of competitors in the Android mobiles market. A number of Android smartphones in different formats as well as sizes can be purchased on the market to cater to different requirements of customers. Necessity of differentiating characteristics in a smartphone by customers as Screen size, RAM, Camera, OS version, Dual SIM Compatibility, Design, Battery, etc. have resulted in an introduction of players that are new in market. But few really are in a position to qualify in the quality details for a great smartphone.

Reason three: Customization Options for Android Smartphones Now with a oppo f11 pro smartphone which has a function to obtain from a large number of apps offered in the App Market, you are able to personalize the phone of yours as per the requirement of yours.

You are able to personalize the android of yours mobile’s home screen with Widgets as news, water, Facebook and Twitter feeds, music player and other things. Get customized themes, apps, wallpapers and much more on the android phones of yours.